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Marvellous Magical Maths

Marvellous Magical Maths Prep Assembly

Marvellous Magical Maths

Marvellous Magical Maths (M³) is a fun, interactive and educational show/workshops for preschool and primary.

M³ gives children confidence to ask and answer questions allowing them to make the discoveries.

  • Subjects covered include
  • Problem solving
  • Measuring (standard and non standard)
  • 2D AND 3D shapes
  • Area and perimeter
  • Number confidence
  • Arithmetic
  • Sequences

All performed in an exciting and engaging way!

What Others Say

Dear Dave, Thanks again for a wonderful session at our Summer School. The pupils really enjoyed it and you certainly lived up to your promise to bring maths to life for them. I was particularly impressed with your approach to problem solving and your ability to get even those who are most reluctant to take a risk and get involved. The focus throughout was on having fun whilst learning and we were able to tap into that for the remainder of the week, using your session as a focal point. The giant tetrahedron remains a highpoint of the week and was being talked about again and again on the final afternoon when parents were invited to join us.

My colleague Ruth, who teaches Maths, was so impressed that she hopes to discuss with the Head of Maths how we might go about involving you in some of what we do as a school. I hope she might be in touch soon.

Thanks again 

— David

Hi Dave, Thanks for being such a great host for our maths week fun on Tuesday. I know that the children from all year groups really enjoyed your workshops and were thrilled with the fact they all got to take part with the balloons. From a teacher’s perspective we really enjoyed the problem solving aspects in the session as this really encouraged children to think for themselves about how to solve problems and using trial and improvement to find a solution, then testing if they’re idea worked. 

My class were particularly pleased that they all learnt the name for a 3D shape was a polyherdron as of course this sounds much more sophisticated than 3D shape! We all really enjoyed your catchphrases as well – many of the younger children have been acting them out all week! I have also had a lot of parents say how grateful they were for their workshop at the end of the day. you managed a great amount of people really well and they all went away feeling more involved in their child’s learning – which is always good.

Thanks again.

— Helena

Hi Dave, Thank you very much for our Marvellous, Magical, Maths Day last week. The children had a fantastic time and are still measuring anything they can find. All staff reported that their sessions were excellent and we have had some very positive feedback from parents. We shall highly recommend the shows to other schools.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in the future,

— Caryn Waterthorpe

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